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The DVD library is currently organised under the following category:

Oakwood's DVD policy; Maximum compatibility

All new Oakwood programmes will be released on DVD, but we also plan to release some older titles on DVD too.  Wherever possible these will be ‘proper’ DVDs rather than DVD-R, this will minimise incompatibility with certain players. Oakwood have become well known for good value for money in respect of running time and as such programmes over two hours long necessitate the use of DVD9 ‘dual-layer’ discs, on some DVD players there may be a short pause as the layers are switched. DVD-R production may be necessary for some of our more esoteric back numbers, but wherever this type of disc is used it will be clearly stated in the promotion, hopefully soon both players and DVD-R discs will become more universally reliable, but for now that’s not a problem! So happy viewing.

Future DVDs from Oakwood

If you would like to know more about Oakwood DVD releases keep an eye on the Oakwood Visuals website, follow us on Facebook, or drop us an email – stating if you’re interested in DVDs of a particular region, steam archive, modern traction, Concorde, trams or absolutely everything! – and we’ll let you know when each new release is issued. Please also let us know if you are interested in DVD versions of our back catalogue, some of which will appear with ‘DVD extras’.